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Green Heart

Serendipity Design is a premier Graphic Design studio specializing in serving non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses with solutions that help them maximize their full potential.

We are more than just a design studio which happens to work with socially responsible organizations. Serendipity Design opened on Earth Day 2001 with the specific goal of being advocates for progressive social change. 

Through the medium of graphic design we are committed to working closely with our clients and the global community to address critical issues faced by society. Our focus and intent is to work in the best interests of these groups by providing quality graphic design services at a great value.

Serendipity Design conducts our business with responsibility and integrity throughout our operations. We provide solutions of design excellence that exceed the expectations of those we serve while fulfilling our commitments on time within budget. We are committed to providing our services with integrity, trust and in a manner that uplifts our clients in the process.


Our projects are produced using socially and environmentally responsible methods including: streamlined production processes to minimize waste, printing with vegetable based inks on recycled papers, hosting websites with pre-screened companies that do not support socially irresponsible sites, and giving purchasing preference to green, fair-trade and local community based vendors.

Since our opening on Earth Day in 2001, Serendipity Design has implemented the following environmentally responsible actions:

  • Use project development practices designed to minimize paper waste, both during and post-production.
  • Our in-house recycling program allows us to divert 98% of our paper waste from landfills.
  • Computers, monitors, printers, stereo, coffee maker, and other electronic tools are all EnergyStar certified. Computer and technology components no longer usable to us are either donated to local nonprofits or recycled.
  • When possible and practical, we have implemented additional insulation solutions in our studio building to reduce energy usage.
  • Encourage and support development of Renewable Energy solutions, such as solar, wind, etc. with the intention of using these methods to power our studio when they become commercially available in our region.