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Kevin Pease, Senior Graphic Designer
Kevin brings over 20 years of experience coordinating the development of websites, communication, outreach, fundraising and marketing tools for public and social service organizations. He has had the opportunity to provide services for National organizations including Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation and Community Action Agencies, as well as numerous regional and local organizations. His projects have received awards from the Art Directors' Club of Cincinnati and the Printing Industries of America.

Vel Hux, Capacity Building and Funding Specialist
Phone: 937.681.9641

Vel is Director of Vel Hux Solutions, a nonprofit consultancy. For over 30 years, she has specialized in assisting organizations with Capacity Building and Funding Initiatives -- including grant research application and Capital Campaigns. Her expertise in Strategic Development, Mentoring and Coaching and hosting Workshops and Events makes her skills a valuable resource to organizations looking to stabilize or expand.

Charles Wallner, Development Specialist
Phone: 513.910.5985
Charles is director of PBE Services, a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations obtain their federal 501(c)3 status, executive and board training, and grant development. He also develops business plans and public relations strategies, as well as board development and training. Charles has over 30 years of experience serving the non-profit community in a number of roles.

Saleem Jeelani, Programming Specialist
Phone: 513.533.0506
Saleem has over 20 years of experience developing internet and interactive solutions including: security and encription areas, database development, and custom widgets and e-commerce solutions. He is a valued member of the Serendipity Design team.

Carol Lloyd, Writer & Editor
Phone: 513.515.6891
For more than 25 years, Carol Lloyd's Lloyd Writing, Inc. has written for a variety of audiences in multiple formats. She produces clear, compelling copy that grabs attention and tells the story in a memorable way. Carol enjoys everything about the writing process, from working with graphic designers in developing underlying concepts to editing and proofreading final copy – all geared to convey the client’s message in the most persuasive way.  Her ability to listen and ask important questions is highlighted in the profiles, features, newsletters, scripts, web content, brochures, and annual reports that she has helped create.