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Bright Future Awards 2005


On Thursday August 11th, 2005 at Cincinnati Music Hall, SmartMoney Community Services honored and celebrated the successes of five individuals for the following awards:



SmartPath Award –
Roxanne & Delando Little
Young adult program graduate of the year

ear was a major part of the Little’s lifestyle before they came to SmartMoney. They feared not having enough money for the bills, so clothing and food became secondary to them. With the help of a flyer, they found the help and support that SmartMoney had to offer. They participated in both the SmartChange and SmartHome programs. There they learned how to budget, finance, and save.

Now they have goals of continuing their education about saving and managing money so that they can soon purchase a home. Ultimately, they want to own a home and have a family business; with the help of several of SmartMoney’s classes they know that this is an attainable goal. Roxanne believes “SmartMoney is a blessing from beginning to end.” They have not reached that end yet, however. With workshops, counseling sessions and dreams still to come, Roxanne and Delando have a long way to go. What’s important is they know where they are going and exactly how to get there. They truly are on the path to a much brighter future.

SmartSuccess Award –
Nicole Burns

Individual program participant and/or graduate of the year

flyer is what led Nicole to SmartMoney Community Services. She saw a flyer explaining the benefits of the SmartStep Savings Program and realized there was no catch to receiving this great opportunity. She took advantage of it, ending the program in two and a half years with $5,000 in the bank, thanks to her 2:1 match from Fifth Third bank. She used the money to purchase a new home and invested in her Child Daycare business. During her 2.5 years in the SmartSteps program she also chose to participate in the SmartBusiness program. She applied what she learned from that program to her daycare and as a result her business is booming. We are extremely proud of Nicole and all her successes. She is a true embodiment of what the SmartSuccess Award is all about.

SmartEntrepreneur Award –
Ronald Lee
Smart Business/Build Your Own Business of the Year

on became very interested in both the SmartBusiness program and the SmartSteps Savings program while watching a SmartMoney representative discuss, in an interview, several programs that were available to the community. Living paycheck to paycheck was no long the way he wanted to live.

In a three-year period he was enrolled in the SmartBusiness, SmartStep Savings, and SmartChange programs. By the time he completed the savings program he saved $1,800, which resulted in a $3,600 match from Fifth Third bank. He used the $5,400 to purchase real estate he could renovate and rent out, and to purchase new tools for his contracting business Ronald Lee and Associates. Ron was so excited about the program he took many classes several times in an attempt to ensure he had all the knowledge available to him. Today he continues to save 10% of his earnings and recommends the classes to everyone he meets.

SmartLeadership Award –
Jennifer Jervis Tighe

Leadership and devotion to the long-term success of SmartMoney

eginning in 1988, Jennifer was both the executive director of Cooperative Fiscal Services, the predecessor to SmartMoney, and a teller at the newly opened Cincinnati Central Credit Union in Over-the-Rhine. She attracted several new members to that branch resulting in a flourishing business, and with that came additional tellers and a promotion to branch manager. In 1990, she recruited a new branch manager and became the full-time director of the Coop. During her reign the Coop developed it’s Collateral Support Fund, giving access to capital to first-time borrowers and people considered too high a risk for the credit union. They also initiated a Payee Program through which the credit union directly assisted many low-functioning clients of Tender Mercies and the Free Store in managing their small monthly checks. Eventually, they even began assisting local banks in meeting their goals. Jenny was a leader in computerizing the Coop’s routine administrative operations and developed a team approach to the Coop’s work. In 1990, the Coop shared the National Cooperative of the Month Award with the Credit Union. It was largely due to Jennifer’s public relations skills that the partnership between the Coop and the credit union became a nationally recognized model for delivering community-based financial services. She laid the foundation for SmartMoney to become what it is today, and we are eternally grateful for the sacrifices she made.

The luncheon was an exciting celebration attended by over 100 program participants, volunteers, supporters, and friends of SmartMoney.

The 2005 Bright Future Awards Luncheon was presented by PNC Bank, and sponsored by Cincinnati Central Credit Union, dinsmore & Shohl, FACS Group, McSwain Carpets and Floors, and the Ohio Credit Union League.


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